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One of the most pressing issues facing Ward 1 and all of East Somerville is development. While Assembly Square is the largest development in the state and has received the most attention, many other developments around town will continue to re-shape and re-define our neighborhoods and commercial centers. As Alderman, I seek to represent the community's visions and goals for the future, and welcome your involvement in helping shape the city for years to come.

On this page you can find updates and plans for proposed developments in East Somerville.  You can find further information on all city developments at the city of Somerville's website. To be linked to the website, click here.

  • The proposed development at 182 Broadway, Patsy's Pastries, was approved by the Planning Board. Learn more here.
  • The proposed development near Stop and Shop is still open for review. Learn more here.
  • Portions of the proposed development at 2-8 Broadway have been approved. Learn more here.
  • The proposed development at 160 Washington St. has not come before the Planning Board yet. Learn more here.



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